What statistics does the digital suite present you with?

New environment for customers and entrepreneurs

The really challenging period, covering the last 2-3 years, changed the perspective both for customers and entrepreneurs. The unexpected situation played the role of a game-changer for the hospitality industry.

Owners and managers had to look to their businesses from a different angle and find a way to work in changing environment. Digitalization processes related to guest experience and internal operations have been accelerated by three to five years.

These processes accelerated all type of digital menus and systems with QR codes to enter the market. Today they are preferred by more and more hotels, restaurants, beach bars and shops.

Another reason why digital services through QR codes have become so common is because of the smartphones. Literally almost everyone has a smart device that can read QR codes.

Recent studies show that 91% of users of iOS devices have a built-in QR code scanner. In addition, 81% of consumers worldwide own smartphones and 90% use the Internet. Today, more than a 1 billion smartphones have access to digital menus and additional services accessed with QR codes.

Difficulties also open up new opportunities. That allowed a product like the Virtual Concierge of TouchMenu to establish itself as leading communication channel between guests and staff and an innovative contactless solution for orders, payments, bookings and statistics.

More data for better performance

Many hotels and restaurants ask the question: “Who is our customer?”

TouchMenu system and its features can give you the most comprehensive answer to this question.

The Stats and Reports tool can get you acquainted with your customers in real-time. You are able to monitor their actions and receive feedback.

It allows you to get a list of your top selling products and preferred services. This is a valuable information that you can use to alter your menu in a way that will be most attractive to the customers. Using the statistical analysis, you can track your customer engagements with various promotional services.

This is a proven advantage for you as a manager or business owner. Now you can intensify your efforts and financing in the right direction where your customers need and expect it.

“When do our customers order?”

We can also find the answer of the important questions through the stats and reports of the digital suite.

The restaurants offer many delivery options – by phone, by delivery from order platforms and from their own website. Sometimes the orders are so many that they can’t even detect correctly when it was rush hour and how many orders they issued during that time.

TouchMenu solves this problem. The powerful suite empowers restaurants not only to track when most orders have entered, but also the number of orders and turnover by days and hours. The management team will be able to identify which are the slower hours and periods and determine dishes that sell best during these times. You will assess whether there is a need to take action to improve and increase sales.

An important key performance indicator that should be analyzed is how the average value of an order changes during different days of the week and hours of the day.

Hospitality professionals can identify easily trends and make data-driven decisions to optimize business strategies only by receiving complete and comprehensive statistics.

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