Dining Menus powered by AI

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology to Optimize Revenue

Direct Ordering Features powered by Artificial Intelligence

Innovative Menus that increase RevPAC of all on-site dining, meeting and entertainment facilities.
TouchMenu AI digital orders
Streamlined Ordering Process

An intuitive interface helps guests to browse the menu, place orders and make special requests through personal devices.

Personalized Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence analyses guest preferences and order history to offer tailored recommendations for better guest experience.

Multilingual Options

Providing content in multiple languages accommodates the diverse needs of international guests, ensuring dining experience without having to worry about miscommunication.

Real-Time Updates

Update menus, prices and availability in real-time, ensuring guests always have access to the most accurate information.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Customized analytics and reports help hospitality professionals to identify easily trends and make informed decisions about menu optimization and promotional offers.

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