Digital Guest Directory

Make the Room Information Folders Obsolote

Streamlining Room & Suite Services

Centralized hotel information and services in an easily accessible digital format simplify communication, promote convenience and cater to the traveler's needs.
TouchMenu branded interface

Branded Interface

Customizable appearance of the guest directory allows to align with hotel's branding, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience.

Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures guests can easily navigate through hotel information and services, enhancing satisfaction and comfort during their stay.
TouchMenu intuitive navigation
TouchMenu Multilingual Options

Multilingual Options

Providing content in multiple languages accommodates the diverse needs of international guests, ensuring clear communication and a more personalized experience.

Up-to-Date Information

All needed information, schedules of on-site dining and entertainment venues in one digital ecosystem just a few taps from any guest smartphone or tablet.
Updated Info always with TouchMenu
TouchMenu paperless experience

Paperless Guest Experience

A digital guest directory makes room information folders obsolete, which saves on printing paper and contributes to environmental protection.

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