Virtual Concierge

All-In-One Web-Based Platform - Accessible Through a Single QR Code Scan

The Concept of the Virtual Concierge

A powerful suite interconnecting hotels & resorts with their on-site dining, meeting and entertainment facilities and delivering your property in the palm of your guests’ hands.

Digital Guest Directory

Make hotel room folders obsolete

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Dining Menus powered by AI

Streamline orders and increase revenue

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Communication Hub

Real-time messaging: guest and in-house operations

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Enterprise Feedback

Improve guest satisfaction and property reputation

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Innovation | Experience | Performance

Customizable by design and with user-friendly interface intelligent platform, attracting hotel guests with a full set of services, accessible from any mobile or tablet through a single QR code scan, as well supporting the management to reduce operational costs and to optimize work processes.
Guest experience

Guest Experience Solutions

User-friendly Interface
Easy access to digital information and additional services in up to 36 languages by scanning a single QR code, without any app downloads or registrations.

All needed information, schedules of on-site dining and entertainment venues in one digital ecosystem just a few taps from any guest smartphone or tablet.

Dining Menus powered by Artificial Intelligence
Incorporating AI to analyze user behavior in direct ordering features helps to provide a unique and customized experience and further assists users in selecting food and beverages.

24/7 Instant Bookings
Guests are empowered to check availability and make pre-& in-stay instant bookings for spa procedures, events, trips, dining venues and additional services.

Real-time messages, requests and feedback delivered to front office, housekeeping and maintenance teams.

Property management

Property Management Solutions

Content Management
Branded and easy-to-use interface allows intuitive menu creating, real-time updates and multilingual translations.

Direct Ordering and Booking
Dining Menus powered by AI analyze customer preferences to boost revenue. Intelligent features enable reservations and bookings of additional services – 24/7.

On-site Management
SPA & Wellness and Event management features optimize workforce and operations and in the same time lead to increased sales.

Performance Marketing
Enable hospitality professionals to manage promotional offers, cross-selling activities, loyalty programs contributed directly or from any other third-parties provider to foster sales.

Stats & Reports
Tracking of key performance indicators helps for identifying trends, making informed decisions and optimizing business strategies.

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