Enhance Guest Experience and Teamwork Efficiency

Introducing ServiceHub by TouchMenu

In the pursuit of outstanding guest service, quick responses and seamless communication across all channels are paramount. ServiceHub by TouchMenu completes the communication loop by fostering interactions among guests and staff, as well as facilitating interdepartmental communication.

Hospitality managers gain an invaluable tool to oversee work processes, delegate tasks to an unlimited number of employees, and monitor their real-time productivity.

How It Works:

Guests have the convenience of ordering services or reporting issues at their discretion, directly to the relevant department. As soon as a request is submitted, employees are promptly notified through a visible notification accessible to all authorized personnel. The versatility of this system allows you to customize which employees are assigned to handle each service. You can designate a single point of contact for all services within a department, or you can involve the entire team, allocating tasks according to their respective responsibilities. This automation not only streamlines operations but also lightens the load on the front desk. General Managers and team managers have the ability to delegate requests to a specific individual or the employee currently on duty, ensuring accountability and efficiency.

Key Functionalities:

Interteam Communication

Effective communication between different teams is crucial in ensuring that various departments within a property collaborate seamlessly to achieve common goals. This shared understanding of priorities and common objectives is essential for success. Interdepartmental collaboration results in better problem-solving and efficient handling of complex issues, ultimately promoting synergy, alignment, and exchange of information and resources among different teams.

Services Management

ServiceHub by TouchMenu simplifies service management in hotels and resorts by centralizing guest service requests. Guests can effortlessly order services or report issues, enhancing the overall guest experience. This centralized approach optimizes inventory management, amenity availability, and staff scheduling, resulting in resource optimization and impeccable service delivery. Implementing the Service Hub significantly improves operational efficiency, enabling the hotel to stay competitive in the hospitality industry. This technology-driven solution centralizes and streamlines services, communication, and management across various hotel departments. Team managers can assign tasks through the ServiceHub by TouchMenu, and staff can access these assignments, update their progress, and communicate about tasks and deadlines.

Staff Management

ServiceHub by TouchMenu redefines workforce management by seamlessly integrating an unlimited number of employees. This cutting-edge feature empowers the managers to dynamically scale their teams in response to varying demands, enabling the efficient assignment of specific services to each team member. The platform not only caters to the diverse needs of different departments but also streamlines task distribution by delegating responsibilities based on individual expertise. This results in a significant boost to operational efficiency, ensuring tasks are effectively distributed among team members. The outcome is a more agile and responsive hospitality environment.

Workflow Monitoring

The featured tool allows manager to oversee, manage, and optimize their workflows. With visibility and control over the progression of tasks, this function ensures accountability. Task assignments can be specified for each step, making it clear who is responsible. It provides insights into pending, in-progress, or completed tasks, facilitating effective management and offering a clear overview of workflow progress for better decision-making.

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