Boosting Spa & Wellness Revenue with TouchMenu’s Digital Solution

In the era of digitization and the growing concern for healthy living, SPA and wellness businesses are developing rapidly. The digitization of therapy and procedure bookings, enabling customers to make their reservations, simplifies the entire process for them while also increasing efficiency and revenue for SPAs. With the help of QR codes, TouchMenu supports the increase of revenue and appointment efficiency for independent SPA centers or those that are part of hotels and resorts.

More revenue and better customer satisfaction in your SPA

The web solution of TouchMenu facilitates revenue generation through QR codes strategically placed at key customer touchpoints, both within your wellness or SPA center and in other places or businesses operated by the same company or through partnerships, such as restaurants, bars, and hotels. By creating more touchpoints, you increase the potential for conversions and additional sales.

TouchMenu represents the next generation of apps, eliminating the need for a login or account creation process. Simply by scanning a specific QR code displayed at various locations within the SPA or by clicking on the associated QR code link, a dedicated micro-site will open, allowing users to schedule appointments, purchase additional therapies, or access exclusive offers.

In terms of implementation, within the TouchMenu admin area, you can input all the essential information that prospective clients need to access details about therapies, rates, and therapists. Guests of the hotels or SPA centers can not only view this information but also schedule their spa visits, treatments, select their preferred therapist, and make advance payments online.

Furthermore, the platform provides a user-friendly desktop workflow monitor and a mobile staff app version that allow team members to have real-time access to the reservations made by guests and to receive notifications of new appointments.

Real-time feedback from guests through a satisfaction survey, the ability to receive reviews, and a direct interaction module with the SPA Reception are at your fingertips through TouchMenu, ensuring an excellent guest experience. With availability in 36 languages, you break down communication barriers between guests and spa employees.

Key Benefits for Your Business

In the midst of the digital revolution, we observe constant changes in consumer behavior. Customers are increasingly looking for flexibility, transparency, accessibility, and a reduced virtual gap between themselves and brands. In other words, they desire a shorter path from the intention to purchase to the actual transaction. Therefore, a few clicks and the availability of online purchasing options can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of a purchase.

When customers make phone appointments, they need to consider various external factors, such as the location (to ensure clear phone reception), the timing of the booking (aligning with spa opening hours or their free time), and the time spent speaking with the spa receptionist. All of these considerations become unnecessary when making appointments online. From this perspective, online bookings, free from human intermediaries, is highly favored by younger generations.

  • Lower Costs and Sustainability: Get rid of the expensive and impractical printed menus and brochures.
  • Efficiency: Free up the receptionist’s time, prevent reception overload, and eliminate the need for reservation books.
  • Agility: Effortlessly manage resources in real-time, with access to schedules from anywhere.
  • Enhanced Experience: From the moment guests step into the spa area, your receptionist is dedicated to welcoming them and creating a seamless and memorable experience.
  • Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips: Access reports to make informed decisions benefiting both employees and the business. Identify the most requested therapies and those that require adjustment, pinpoint peak operational hours for optimal resource allocation, and recognize your top-performing therapists to provide them with well-deserved incentives.
  • Transparency: Real-time visibility into availability and can effortlessly book therapies and therapists.

Smart SPA with QR codes

With SPA therapy appointments made by guests themselves, just by scanning the QR code displayed in any of the property’s public spaces, TouchMenu simplifies SPA operations and reduces the time between the intention to book a therapy and the purchase. It eliminates human errors by receptionists caused by fatigue, overload, or inattentiveness.

TouchMenu is powered by artificial intelligence to analyze customer behavior. This integration enables the app to provide therapy recommendations based on a customer’s past purchases, resulting in a more convenient and personalized experience. It offers a seamless and tailored approach to ordering. Comprehensive statistics are provided to track the performance indicators, identify trends, optimize their strategies and make informed decisions.

Quick Implementation

TouchMenu can be fully implemented within 5 business days, supported by a flexible and convenient monthly subscription-based contract.

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