Tech trends in the hospitality industry

In the fast-growing digital world it is difficult to follow all the trends and to be always familiar with the latest features.

Although the industry changes rapidly, there are a few key trends that are really worth paying attention to as they drive the hospitality ecosystems to higher levels related to providing improved communication and guest experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the newest and trendiest words these days. However, to help a business increase its productivity, people need to understand how exactly AI can help them. All great trips start with planning and researching, so a conversational AI is one of the top trends in the hospitality industry. It reduces costs and increases productivity and operational efficiency through automation.

Conversational AI can automate tasks that are currently performed by humans and thereby reduce human errors and cut costs. It also delivers better customer experience, achieving higher engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, conversational AI can provide a more personalized experience by helping customers 24/7 even when the front of staff aren’t available to assist.

TouchMenu’s Direct Ordering Features are powered by Artificial Intelligence to analyze user preferences and  order history to offer tailored recommendations, ensuring a customized dining experience for every guest.

Personalized Communication through Technology

It is important for hotels to be transparent with their guests and to provide good customer service starting with the pre-accommodation requests to after check-out. Personalization is a way to contextualize the messages, offers, and experiences. By offering exclusive perks and rewards, and personalized communication, guests feel better and are more likely to return.TouchMenu’s Loyalty Programs encourage repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth.

Mobile Guest Journeys – Mobile Friendly and using 3D and VR

What’s one thing that everyone almost always has on them? Their phones. After booking their reservations on mobile, guests can continue their experience on their smartphones. Hospitality professionals are challenged to explore a way to keep customers engaged from the pre-arrival through after check-out.Mobile capabilities are front of mind for all vendors because most of the population is booking business in some shape or form on a smartphone.

The Virtual Concierge of TouchMenu enables communication across the whole guest journey. Guests can check availability and make pre-& in-stay instant bookings for spa treatments, trips. events.

Direct Distribution

Hotels are getting better at capturing direct bookings. Hotel tech like direct booking platforms, metasearch ad managers, and messaging integrations help properties find more visitors to their own website and convert more direct bookings, without paying the high OTA commissions in the process. Direct booking tools that connect a property’s PMS, parity, behavioral and demographic data across the entire booking journey has put hotels on an even better level when it comes to winning a new booking and new customer.

The Expansion of Google

Another game-changer in hospitality is that Google has entered the travel market in a big way. Google has expanded from traditional AdWords to include hotels everywhere via its Hotel Ads product. Google has historically been the source for much of OTAs inbound demand, and now that the platform is a direct competitor, OTAs are vulnerable unless they pay billions of dollars each year to Google to ensure they show up high in search results and get clicks from travel planners. There is no time for a time-out. Hospitality businesses need to be more open to the digital world. Living in a fast-changing era, we have to adapt to everything that comes online.

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