Boosting Revenue with 1.400 QR Codes – Pirin Golf & Country Club

Every area of the hotel becomes a revenue stream, with easy access to orders, quality service and an exceptional guest experience

Pirin Golf & Country Club is an incredible gated resort situated on 150-hectare area. Huddled in a beautiful valley surrounded by three mountains – Pirin, Rila and Rodopi, and just minutes away from the well-known ski resort Bansko. The resort provides the unique opportunity for a golf, ski and spa vacation throughout the whole year.

How It Started

In November 2021 the management of Pirin Golf & Country Club invited us to a meeting, attended by the heads of various departments.

“Serving such a large resort and so many guests we looked for a way to eliminate paper menus and limit physical contact with the guests, so we made laminated sheets with QR Codes on them that opened a simple PDF file with the menu of the hotel’s lobby bar.”

When we presented them all the functionalities of the platform, they were amazed by the possibilities and shared that the platform is a “modern airplane” and they would need time to organize the staff to provide a “runway” for this “modern airplane”. We proposed to assist them in making elegant stands which will match the level and interior of the hotel and to replace the laminated sheets. This played a positive role in deciding to implement TouchMenu, and it brought on results beyond expectations.


We started with the lobby bar menu and 40 wooden stands from etalbond. Initially, it was only used as a browse option and the mission of providing a menu without continuous printing was fulfilled. Gradually, restaurants, bakeries, swimming pools and the SPA zone joined, a total of 12 venues.

On the 2nd month, after numerous questions from hotel guests: “How to make an order through the phone?”, the management decided to activate orders as well.

Full Integration  

The last phase of integration was the activation of the reservation module to the SPA Center. The staff was trained and the guests were ready to book a massage, directly from the apartments or during relaxing by one of the pools.

Thus, after only a few months, Pirin Golf & Country Club became the largest client of TouchMenu in Bulgaria, with over 1400 QR codes.

Custom Features

The beauty of TouchMenu is that it can accommodate all wishes. In the case of Pirin Golf & Country Club, the complexity was that they needed a different system for the owners, so a special feature was developed for them, a special payment method: “pay later”. The consumption during the day is accumulated on one account and paid when the guest decides to close the account. We also digitized the credit cards, whose holders enjoy various % discounts, and through all of this – fully eliminated plastic.


“We really like the ability to make local settings regarding the routing of room service orders. This allows us to be flexible at times when the kitchen serving one of the restaurants has to change.”

To let guests, know about the orders, we’ve added “Already with active orders” to the restaurant name, noted further from the management team.


The statistics provided by the platform show a significant increase in the number of orders through the digital menu: for the first half of 2023, compared to the first half of 2022, they increased by 38%, and the average value of one order increased by 26% for the same period.

With just one QR code, we:

  • Eliminated endless printing of menus;
  • The process of serving guests in the Resort is optimized;
  • The average value and frequency of orders went up.

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