Innovations in restaurants business

Innovations in restaurants business

Digital Menu - Top notch technology for restaurants

In the digital era when innovations are getting a bigger part of our daily lives, the restaurant business can't stay behind. Keeping your services up to date is important. Being one of the first in the sector to integrate the newest trends allows you to get your customers attention. This way you will show them you're not only a place they can get a portion of good food but also top-notch service. Some of the greatest tech innovations in the restaurants business include robotics, digital menus, tap to pay devices and data mining.

Robots are the future reality

Robots are appearing in many industries faster than ever. They are slowly coming from the fiction world into our reality and this is something quite interesting to see. One of those robots is Flippy the flipping burger robot. It has heat sensing technology so it knows best which burger needs flipping. This way the restaurant owners reduce the losses from one of the most common mistakes which is burning a burger meatball.

Adapting your menus to customers needs in troubled times

In the wired times of COVID 19 when not only the technology but also people’s lives are changing drastically just within days, you can offer your audience new way of ordering their favourite dish, which in the same time is easy to use and safe because it does not require contact with suspicious surfaces which might be contagious. Such innovation is the digital menu systems. As an example I will point TouchMenu which is а powerful tool designed to speed up your services, increase sales, reduce operating costs, eliminate client-waiter communication errors, while the customer is simply browsing your menu on their smartphone.

The future of payments

Next big thing every business must consider is the Tap to pay devices. It is this way because contact-free payments are getting more and more desired by customers which sync their phones with credit cards because from one side they prefer to not carry a wallet and other - not touching money means not getting in contact once again with contagious surfaces which in the present troubled times is getting more and more important for everybody.

Data is big

And last but not least comes the data mining. You will say “What does the data have to do with the restaurant industry”? Well, it is one of the biggest assets for any company which can be the game changer if used properly no matter what source you will use to extract it. It can be Facebook Insights, or Google Analytics, even statistics from your TouchMenu. Every business can benefit from knowing better their customers, their behaviours and desired channels for communication. You might ask what to do with this Data? Tailored marketing strategy is the answer. Using your customers’ behaviour allows you to offer all they want at the right time and place.

So think what you will implement in your restaurant business today which will lead you ahead tomorrow.