Now a quick touch is all that stands between your guests and your business.

Meet TouchMenu - the innovative system that increases guests' apetite and turns your venue into a preferred culinary destination.

With TouchMenu, your guests may browse your menu on their personal smart phones or tablets and place their orders directly and securely.

TouchMenu not only optimizes your staff's workload, but it also eliminates possible errors on food and beverage orders. The system also allows you to fully customize your menu to match your style and easily update your specials as as often as you'd like, saving you on printing collateral each time.

App Screen

TouchMenu excites the appetite

TouchMenu gives you the option to illustrate each item on your menu with an attractive custom photo and detailed description, which would answer the questions of even the most challenging guests.

TouchMenu attracts attention

TouchMenu directs your guests' attention to the items you wish to highlight and allows you to increase exposure to the specials you'd like to focus on.

TouchMenu pays for itself

TouchMenu gives you a platform for interactive ads in designated spots right on the menu. Allowing advertisements on your digital menu opens a whole new revenue channel for your business.

TouchMenu understands your customers

TouchMenu can be translated into a number of foreign languages - an impressive tool for your international guests and an intelligent way to simplify their communication with your staff.

Who can benefit from TouchMenu?


TouchMenu can quickly become an invaluable tool for your restaurant. With just a few clicks, your clients can easily browse your menu and place their educated orders and special requests.


TouchMenu will define your Hotel as a front runner for new technology. The system not only optimizes orders for room service, bar, lounge and restaurant, but it also gives you a way to promote and sell any other merchandise and services you offer your valued guests.

Cafés and Bars

TouchMenu will give you an edge on the market. Use the tool to attract the modern customer - the young and successful professional who enjoys a classic drink or an exotic cocktail in an elegant atmosphere with curteous staff.


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