We live in a world where new technologies and the Internet are an integral part of business. And while before, it all depended on a good reputation, today online presence is crucial. And most of all - the opportunity for your potential customers to get acquainted online with the menu of your restaurant or the services you offer.

TouchMenu's digital menu was the first step towards interactive communication with potential customers. And the online booking system is the logical continuation of the user experience.

Why choose an online booking system?

The online reservation system part of the TouchMenu platform allows you to manage reservations WITHOUT investing in expensive software. Extremely suitable for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, SPA centers, hair and beauty salons, or any other business that has the practice of accepting advance reservations by phone, on site or through social networks.

The digital menu offered by TouchMenu allows users to get acquainted with the menu of your restaurant or with the services offered by your hotel. And then through the online reservation system to book a table, appointment, room or pre-pay for a service you want to use.

The biggest advantage of this system is that the customer does not need to call on the phone to clarify the reservation. And then he doesn't have to wait for you to confirm it to him. Instead, everything is done automatically by the TouchMenu system - choosing the date, time, confirmation and payment.

What are the benefits of an online booking system?

More bookings

One of the biggest advantages of the online system is that it can accept reservations 24/7. This way, users are not dependent on your staff and do not have to consider your working hours. TouchMenu offers them the convenience to make a reservation when it is convenient for them. Thus, you not only attract more potential customers, but also improve the occupancy rate of your hotel or restaurant.

Saves time

The online booking system allows you to delegate booking tasks entirely to our system. With it you do not need to confirm reservations or hire an employee to update the constantly occupied tables or rooms.
Allow guests to book directly online and save time that you would otherwise have to spend on inquiries by email or phone.

Increases efficiency

Nowadays, customers have high expectations for restaurants and hotels. No one likes to wait for hours to be confirmed or denied a reservation. With the online booking system, everything is quick and easy - with just a few clicks. Thus, you not only increase the comfort of users, but you can also direct the attention of your employees to other important tasks.

No staff costs

Thanks to the online reservation system, you do not need a person to accept and distribute reservations. All online table and room reservations, including customer data, are automatically integrated into the digital reservation tool.

Save time every day - automate your reservations!

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Online Reservation System