The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives, habits and lifestyles. Social distancing has become a norm to which not only restaurants but also all retail outlets had to adapt. This change necessitated contactless orders. Without the usual physical contact. Thus, the innovative technology - digital menu - became extremely popular on the Bulgarian market in 2020. With it, customers of restaurants and retail outlets received digital access to the menus and products of retailers. But in addition, the TouchMenu platform allowed them to place orders without contact.

How can your business benefit from contactless orders?

Through our digital platform, your customers will have the opportunity to place contactless orders for food and beverages. This will be possible after the customer scans the QR code, which will actually be your digital menu.
Integrate TouchMenu with your POS system to receive orders and sync your products easily. All orders are sent directly to your control panel, where you can easily manage them. You and your customers can track the progress of orders and their current status. This will save you time and money for your business and offer security to all the customers you have.
With the innovative technology offered by TouchMenu you will be able to reach corporate customers with group orders. This way you will have the opportunity to offer entire offices and employees to order individually, but with total delivery.

What are the benefits of contactless ordering for customers?

Health safety

With contactless orders, consumers take care not only of their own health, but also of that of others. No waiting in queues outside or inside the site. Without touching multiple surfaces that are not known to be disinfected. Contactless orders are the most hygienic way to order food and drinks.

Payment security

The TouchMenu system allows users not only to place a contactless order, but also to pay in advance. Payments have an extremely high level of protection, regardless of whether the chosen payment method is debit or credit card, ePay or RauPal.

Convenience and speed

Speed ​​is important for people who do not like to wait in the restaurant for the waiter to notice them and bring them the menu. With contactless orders, they can easily and conveniently view the restaurant's menu and place their order.

What are the benefits of contactless business orders?

Increase efficiency

Contactless orders allow staff to properly allocate time for food preparation and delivery. In addition, online orders reduce the risk of errors that may occur when taking an order over the phone. And when she was handed over by the dispatcher to the kitchen.

Easy order management

The TouchMenu platform gives you access to the control panel from any device. This way you can get acquainted with the received orders at any time. You will be able to view their status and monitor their performance.

Payment security.

Our system allows the integration of your business with a payment system of your choice. This way, your customers will not only be able to place contactless orders, but also make payments. You can receive payments directly from a virtual POS terminal, ePay, PayPal and others.

Grow your business to the next level with TouchMenu's digital solution!

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