Digital menu

Give a new experience to your customers. Take care of their safety and health by presenting your menu or products in an innovative way.

Take advantage of the most attractive technology on the Bulgarian market - digital menu.

Create your menu quickly and easily just through the TouchMenu platform. Our control panel is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and no additional knowledge is required to work with it.

You can now manage your own menus without having to use paper or other similar options.

How do I use the digital menu?

Business customers can access the menu or catalog via a special QR code. This code is generated through the TouchMenu platform. And it must be placed in visible places so that users can access it.

Using their phone's camera, customers must scan the QR code and automatically access the restaurant's menu or the store's catalog.

What are the benefits of the digital menu for customers?

Convenience when visiting a restaurant

Nowadays, customers like to be familiar with the restaurant's menu before making a reservation. Therefore, with the digital menu you can impress visitors even before they set foot in your restaurant. Show them your variety of foods and drinks and inspire them with your kitchen.

Shopping convenience

The digital menu is also useful for people who do not like to waste their time shopping and browsing various items. With it they can get acquainted in advance with the range of selected sites. And, if they decide to come to the place, they can go directly to the pre-selected products.

Quick and easy orders

More and more customers prefer online shopping and communication with businesses. There are many reasons - from easier navigation and finding what they are looking for to minimizing mistakes when placing orders.

TouchMenu's digital menu offers users easy navigation, interactive content and a unique experience.

What are the benefits of the digital business menu?

Save time

With paper menus, you have to waste valuable time coordinating designers, an advertising agency, and printing. And even a wrong price or photo can ruin the look of your menu.

With the digital menu you will forget about the difficulties when changing the menu or changing the range. With the TouchMenu platform, you can quickly and easily manage and change the menu and products.

Save on costs

The digital menu allows you to reduce printing costs. Menu changes can be made WITHOUT printing additional pages or changing the entire menu. And the best part is that you don't need a whole team of professionals to do it.

You will also save on the constant disinfection of the menus. This leads to lower consumable costs and reduces waiter engagement.

Quick and easy to manage

The administration panel is as simple as possible, but at the same time provides you with all the information you need.

TouchMenu's digital platform allows you to automatically update the menu, nutritional information, and add allergens. Allows you to duplicate, locate and delete a menu using our instructions in the control panel. You can create promotions, receive orders and payments, and analyze customer consumption statistics.

More efficient workflow.

The digital menu facilitates the work of the waiters in the restaurant and the staff in the kitchen. Through it, customers can order delivery or request to pick up their order at a specific time. This way you can coordinate the staff and allocate their time in the most optimal way.

An additional convenience is that you can deactivate the function for accepting orders at a certain time interval when the kitchen is very busy.

Make your job easier, save money, increase your sales with

Digital menu
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