Protect your customers and optimize your costs with a QR code menu

The last year has been difficult for retail outlets and restaurants, especially after the imposition of COVID-19 measures. Everyone wants to go back to the days when it was normal to visit cafes and enjoy the closeness of friends and loved ones. But a return to normal life is in question until this crisis is over.

This necessitated a reorientation of the business towards finding new ways to reach consumers. Digitizing the menu of restaurants and creating a QR code menu proved to be a good option to make this connection.

Why QR code menus are an innovative business solution?

Digital menu and easy contactless service. QR code menus put an end to paper menus, endless wait for the waiter and confused orders. With them everything becomes not only faster, but also more convenient for customers and cheaper for business.

With just a few clicks, users can enjoy contactless service. To get access to the menu of the restaurant and every dish, promotion and specialty. But in addition, QR code menus allow them to place an order and pay for it.

Keeping a social distance and avoiding contact with objects and people is also no longer a problem with QR code menus. With them, your customers will be calmer about their health, because they will not have to touch a paper menu and money. And you will be pleased that your employees will not commit to their constant disinfection.

What are the advantages of TouchMenu QR code menus?
  • Functional and easy-to-use control panel with various tools for adding, editing and deleting products.
  • Easy management and tracking of orders through the control panel.
  • Add an unlimited number of categories and products.
  • Unlimited menu languages ​​- your restaurant's menu can be translated into ... language.
  • Make orders and payments with just a few clicks .
  • Easily communicate with customers - get feedback and create a loyalty program.

How do users use QR code menus?

Modern smartphones have built-in QR code readers in their camera. This way, your customers do not have to install mobile applications to access the restaurant's menu. They also do not need the help of the waiter. Because QR code menus are always placed in prominent places and visitors can access them themselves.

All they have to do is point their phone's camera at the QR code and wait a few seconds. After that, they will receive the digital menu of the restaurant on their phone.

For which businesses are QR code menus best suited?
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food
  • Cafes
  • Confectioneries
  • Bars
  • Hotels

TouchMenu QR code menus are the innovative solution for any restaurant business. Extremely suitable for sites that do not have a digital presence and want to offer more opportunities to their customers to place an order.

QR code menus have a beautiful design that you can choose yourself. Their biggest advantage is that they give great opportunities to restaurants that have a wide range of dishes and drinks.

NO complicated installations. WITHOUT specialized software. NO mobile apps.

Say, "Yes!" of the future and digitize the menu of your restaurant now!
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