The past year has been the most difficult for tourism and the hotel business. The Covid-19 pandemic not only introduced new rules of communication and imposed social distance, but also forced many people to change their plans. To postpone trips abroad and focus on the local market. But even that was not enough for some businesses, which had to cease operations or drastically reduce their costs.

These changes have led hotel owners to look for a solution to offer their guests a safe stay and service.

Thus, on the international market, the digital room service has become extremely popular.

What is digital room service?

The TouchMenu platform is an innovative technology offering a new and more complete experience for hotel visitors. Through the digital room service, customers of your hotel can get a 5-star experience WITHOUT leaving their room.

TouchMenu gives you the ability to digitize your hotel menu and give online access to all the services you offer. With our system you can provide the necessary information about the restaurant, pool, spa, gym and everything else you have to offer.

In this way, guests will not have to drive to the reception, and will be able to view the hotel menu online. And to understand everything you need for your stay - new promotions, free massage hours, what time breakfast starts, etc.

Customers will be able to order room service WITHOUT the need for a paper menu. Without calling on the phone and their order to be relayed between employees. They won't have to wait for the waiter and end up disappointed because their order was wrong.

In addition, you can easily ask your hotel visitors if they are satisfied with their stay and what they think about your hotel.

And all this in one place!

How is digital room service used?

Guests of the hotel get access to the menu of your hotel through a special QR code. Using the camera on their phone, customers must scan the code. They then automatically have access to the hotel menu and room service.

Why do you need an online menu for your hotel?

Safety and security

The situation we are in is complicated for everyone. Therefore, the primary task of every hotelier is to ensure a safe stay for their guests.

With the digital room service you take care of the health of your visitors, but also of your employees. With it you provide contactless service and reduce to a minimum so far the staff with guests.

More efficient service

The TouchMenu platform allows guests to place an order quickly and easily without hiring staff. Through the system you have various options for tracking and analyzing the orders made through the digital room service.

This way you can allocate the time to your employees in the best way, but also check if the customers are satisfied.

Reduced cost

By digitizing your hotel menu, you save on the costs associated with the paper menu - design, printing and editing in case of errors. And then - his constant disinfection. You also save the time of your employees, which they would spend in assistance and explanation of the customer menu.

Choose the innovative TouchMenu solution for your hotel!

Create an amazing and complete user experience with just one scan with your smartphone!

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